Jockey Wheels

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A Jockey wheel or stand is used to lift or lower a trailer when it isn't connected to your tow ball, they are a simple solution to mounting and demounting your coupling from your vehicle. Jockey wheels are essential to your setup when towing, moving and stationing your boat or RV.

JWN6C - Specifications · 250mm maximum height extension · Rated up to 350kg · Replaceable winding handle · Solid rubber tyres · Quality zinc plating. 

JWN6SU - JWN6SU Bulk U-bolt swivel. A quality jockey wheel at an affordable price, the standard range are probably Australia's best known and best value jockey .

JW85UHD - These 8" Heavy Duty Jockey Wheels are ideal for On-Road, Off-Road and Marine Applications. Suitable for Caravans, Camper Trailers and Boat Trailers.