Portable pump 280 GPH 1080 LPH

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Multi-application submersible and inline pump for water and diesel. 

  • Boating
  • : In-line freshwater pump - snap off strainer for hose connection
  • Emergency bilge pump - long leads and slimline design
  • Salt water deck wash / shower pump - simply lower overboard
  • Rapid diesel refuelling and transfer pump (not petrol)


  •  General:
  • Portable pump with long electrical leads for many applications
  • Will pump many types of chemicals
  • Diesel fuel transfer - (except RWB 2620) slimline design
  • allows it to enter a 20 litre drum
  • Caravan / camping - freshwater delivery from tank or stream

These RULE (formerly LVM) pumps are not self priming. They must be gravity fed or a one way valve used in line (if used as in-line hose to hose) or fully submersed (if used with the strainer). They all have a clip-on, clip-off strainer which, when removed, reveals a hose connection end for in-line pumping applications. Their super slim size allows them to fit into very small spaces and they easily fit into the filling hole of a 20 litre drum.